Electric Air Compressor Inflator Car tire pumping pump 12v portable automatic stop charging car air pump with light




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Introduction of Product:

Is it troublesome to leak air from a car tire at high speed? Use this portable air pump to help you through difficult times.



Our air compressor pump can save your car, bicycles, motorcycles, rubber boats and balloons!
Without wasting your time and money, fast and powerful to inflate your vehicles.


How to use:
Start the car first, then insert the car into the cigarette lighter to pick up the electricity.
Preset tire pressure values (SUV and tire pressure values are different).
Then switch on the charging pump.
Finally, the pneumatic nozzle is inserted into the tire valve.
If the car is completely empty, you can insert the pneumatic nozzle into the tire valve, and then turn on the switch button to inflate it.

The following incorrect operation will cause the fuse to burn out and the pump will not work properly:
The first inflatable nozzle into the tire valve, preset tire pressure value, open the air switch button, and then start the car, the electric car charger to insert the cigarette lighter, leads to fuse burn out, the air pump can not work normally.

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Material: ABS
Size: 16.5*8*20.5cm
Current: 10A
Voltage: 12V
Power cord length: 3 meters
Power type: cigarette butt
Air volume: 27L/min
Power: 120W
Specifications: digital display pointer
Net weight: 1KG
Type: Car air pump
Scope of application: car
Dimensions: 16.5*8*20.5cm
Pressure: 6KG
Weight: 1KG
Main scope of application: car
Processing customization: custom LOGO / color change
Inflatable tube length: 0.5M
Additional features: lighting
Cylinder size: 22 cylinders
Air pressure flow: 35L/min
Tracheal length: about 50 cm
Power cord length: 300 cm


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