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Bullet Points:
1、Environmental Protection Safety: The main material of butyl rubber tape is butyl with a thickness of 1mm/0.04in, which can burn at room temperature without leaving residue. You can use butyl tape at a temperature between -40°C and 110°C. The roof connection, joints and bumps are safe and lastingly sealed.
2、Safety High Durability: High UV resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance and water resistance, high environmental adaptability, almost any material bonding, it has strong bonding strength. It has the characteristics of resistance to tensile deformation, and also has the characteristics of sealing, waterproof, insulating and flame retardant.
3、Easy Installation: Unlike other butyl putty tapes, our white seaming tape has a service life of more than 30 years and provides excellent sealability for a long time. Simply install, no gaps, peel off the peeling film, and then paste the butyl sealing tape where needed.
4、Wide Range of Applications: Our butyl aluminum tape can be adhered to most surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic, wood, stone and asphalt, and can be used as a gas and water sealant. It is suitable for automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, container construction, house leakage, roof cracks, balcony leakage, pipeline repair and other fields.
5、Instructions for Use: Remove the dirt on the surface of the tape to be pasted in advance and let it dry. If the surface of the adhesive contains moisture, the adhesive strength may become weak, causing water leakage. In addition, it is difficult to remove the %EF%BC%82glue%EF%BC%82 from the tape, so we recommend wearing gloves.

Construction method:
1. According to the color steel plate type or the gap of the joint, according to the requirements of the engineering design, select the appropriate specifications of waterproof tape.
2. The water, oil, dirt and other impurities on the surface of the color steel plate must be completely removed before pasting to keep the pasting surface clean;
3. Starting from one end of the color steel plate, open the double-sided tape and stick the tape to the overlap of the lower board in a straight line along the seam, and then press the tape from light to heavy by hand to make it adhere firmly to the color steel plate;
4. Tear off the isolation paper on the upper layer of the tape, press the upper layer of the interface color steel plate into the joint, and then press the joints sequentially to make the joints adhere firmly and tightly sealed.

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Name: Waterproof Patch
Backing material: aluminum foil
Color: silver
Substrate: polymer butyl rubber
Extension factor: 50
Thickness: 1.0mm/0.04in
Specification: about 5cm*500cm/1.97*196.85in, 10cm*500cm/196.85*196.85in
Size: about 11.5*11.5*5cm/4.52*4.52*1.96in, 11.5*11.5*9.5cm/4.52*4.52*4.52*4.52*in
Purpose: Waterproof leak repair

Packing List:
1 * Waterproof Leak-Trapping Tape (width optional)


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